Saturday, November 27, 2010

Meeting Mr Wright

I met Mr Wright. No, not Mr Right. Wright, Ian Wright. The funny globe trekker from Discovery Channel. He is in Singapore today to promote his new show "Invite Mr Wright" that will premiere on 14th December, Tuesday at 9pm on TLC.

It takes a lot for me to wanna head out to events these days. Am perhaps a little jaded from attending launches where guests gather in a confined space, trying to stay cool despite the heat, and waiting an eternity to get a drink. The days of "to see and be seen" are clearly history for me. For the month of November, I only got my butt out for events by Tiffany, Chanel and Gucci... and to meet Ian Wright at Fullerton Hotel today.

With Canon as the sponsor, guests got to take home a photo each as a souvenir. The brand clearly lived up to its promise of "Delighting You Always" as guests were delighted.

Dressed in a maroon shirt, jeans and suspenders, Ian is larger than life. Small in size but big in humour. This Englishman can really make the crowd burst out in laughter with the way he talks. I like that fact that he is down to earth, despite his huge fame as a travel presenter.

So, what's the new show all about? Ian gave a quick run through of what we could expect from his new travel series. In short, "Invite Mr Wright" is about Ian spending a weekend experiencing a country through the eyes of his host, their family and friends. From bunking in with a Bollywood film star in India to rubbing shoulders with a radio celebrity (Venetta Lopez) in Singapore, learning the tricks from a drag queen in Malaysia to understanding the life of geishas in Japan, Ian also hanged out with a famous rock band in Sri Lanka, as well as a flamenco family and a matador in Spain.

Ian said he really enjoyed filming this series because he had more freedom to go with the flow, as he could take an off-beat and humourous look at what each city has to offer, while learning what life is really like for the locals who actually live, work and play there. I leave you now with a priceless picture of Ian in drag, taken from my crappy Blackberry camera. This is a pic that you will not find it in the press release for sure!

Remember to tune in to TLC to catch his new show!

This is Ian like you have never seen before... as a drag queen. Priceless! :)

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