Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mon Monogram

I was reading Grazia over the weekend when I chanced upon a bag that set my heart thumping. It has been a while since I had the "I must have this bag" feeling. It turned out to be the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag with stripes and initials. Personalisation has given a new lease of life to the LV monogram bags! It ain't something completely new as it has been a tradition at LV since 1854. However, it is only being publicised as a commercial service in September 2010.

The boys can "pimp" their rides by personalising their cars with crazy engines and gadgets, we girls can pimp up our bags with this new personalisation service from LV! An LV monogram bag is a dime a dozen when you walk down the streets but a personalised bag with initials is a different league on its own.

The fun thing is you can create your own personalisation on the Louis Vuitton website to see how your design looks before you head down to a LV boutique to place your order. With 17 colours (the very same palette being used over a century at LV to paint trunks) to choose from, there are over 200 millions combination to make your personalised bag unique.

On the website, you could only see three product ranges available for personalisation. However, the Neverfull bag is now available for this service too.

Yours truly has just placed an order for a Neverfull with the combination of stripes and colours as seen below. Thanks to a technological breakthrough, the personalisation will age, just like the bag, and look better over time. That's what I call an investment piece.

Pardon the bad quality picture as I had to take it off the laptop screen of the LV sales associate. My personalised Neverfull bag will have matching blue lining as well. It takes about six weeks before my new bag arrives.

Knowing myself, the OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) in me will mean I need to have my entire LV monogram collection emblazoned with my initials.

Official Site: www.louisvuitton.com

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