Tuesday, September 20, 2011

G.H.Mumm & The Art Of Sabrage At F1

Champagne is no ordinary drink as every bubble sparkles with centuries of heritage and tradition, and a unique savoir-faire in turning terroir into magic. As I always say, all champagnes are sparkling wines, but not all sparkling wines are champagnes. It can only be called champagne if the sparkling wine is produced in strict accordance within the Champagne region of France, from which it takes its name.

From my 4 years of experience handling public relations for various champagne brands, I personally think that there's no such thing as a bad champagne, since the production of the champagne is highly controlled. However, it is your individual palate that determines what's "bad" or "good" to your liking. Hence, it is subjective. Just because I don't like a certain brand doesn't make it a bad brand. Also, most people now choose champagne based on the branding and packaging. On a superficial level, it is a battle of the marketing efforts more than the skills of the winemakers.

The special G.H.Mumm Cordon Rouge Jeroboam for F1

With F1 round the corner, friends are asking me what G.H.Mumm is doing for this highly anticipated weekend. Since 2000, G.H.Mumm has been the official partner of the Formula 1™ Grand Prix, celebrating the achievements of drivers all around the world for over a decade. The quest for excellence and pursuit of perfection are the values that the House of G.H.Mumm shares with the winners, with a jeroboam of G.H.Mumm Cordon Rouge awaiting each winner on the podium at every Formula 1™ Grand Prix.

Spraying the champagne on the victory podium is a part of tradition. Champagne is never wasted when it is to celebrate victory and achievements. In L'Oreal's famous tagline, "Because I am worth it"... unless you deem yourself unworthy which will then make the champagne a waste.

There is always a cause for celebration whenever a bottle of champagne is opened, and G.H.Mumm invites all to take pleasure in making every moment extraordinary by launching The Art Of Sabrage. Legend has it that sabering was made popular during the reign of Napoleon, as a French symbol of celebration after a victory.

Today, G.H.Mumm is the first champagne house to promote the noble art of sabrage as the ultimate celebration technique. The art of sabrage will be the main highlight at The Podium Lounge and guests will be given the opportunity to learn this traditional ritual. As a souvenir of their bravado, those who sabered a bottle got to bring home the sabered champagne cork in a special G.H.Mumm pouch.

My attempt on sabrage a month ago at G.H.Mumm's launch of "The Pleasure of New Formality" at Tanjong Beach Club.

Success! It ain't as difficult as it seems to be. I strongly encourage you to give it a try if you are going to The Podium Lounge this weekend!

A souvenir of my bravery... the sabered bottle neck with cork intact... and a red G.H.Mumm pouch.

For ticketing details to The Podium Lounge, please visit www.apesnap.com/event/podiumlounge

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