Friday, September 2, 2011


My favourite shop at Mandarin Gallery Singapore is not a fashion store. *Surprise, surprise* In fact, it is a little treasure trove with things that make me smile. Each time, every time I walk into the store. Filled with things I want more than I need, I felt compelled to buy something each time I step in. :)

Here's a pictorial blog entry. Using words to describe would be doing this little haven massive injustice. The next time you find youself at Mandarin Gallery, seek this shop out and discover simple joys in life.

"What wood would when willed… is what woodwould is filled..." Are you able to decipher this tongue-in-cheek tagline? I love it!

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  1. What an amazing shop. Those circus pens made me laugh. Nice blog!

  2. Thanks My Styleadvisor, I like your blog too. Sleek and chic! :)