Saturday, September 17, 2011

Satorial Inspiration For LV Party

It has been a while since this town is buzzing with excitement. Finally, there's a big party tonight that is getting everyone excited. Nope, it ain't Avalon... it ain't Pangea either. It is the formidable LV!

So, what shall I wear to this highly anticipated party of the year? It would be too easy if I would to just purchase an entire outfit from LV (which I did for the ION opening and ended up in the same dress as two other guests). This time round, the devil is in the details as I look to its Fall/Winter 2011 runway looks for some sartorial inspiration...

Think fashion meets fetish. This collection is about Marc Jacobs in arch provocateur mode, exploring and exploding the meaning of fetishes.

Leather bondage belt in true dominatrix style

Latex-inspired leather. Love the colour palette of black/grey/red

I have a fetish for gloves. I love these gloves. The colour, the texture, the fit. Orgasmic!

Sexy matron. Proves that you don't need to bare flesh to evoke sensuality.

I love a sleek ponytail. That's how I am wearing my hair tonight.

Hosiery. Patent leather. What more can a man ask for?

A fashionable exhibitionist

Leather, leather, leather...

Bondage, the LV way...

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