Saturday, December 31, 2011

Animal Lovers League - Pets Villa

Everyone has their calling when it comes to volunteer work. Some can work with children while some can work with the elderly. My calling is working with dogs. Something I found I could do when I was fostering Tinkerbelle, a rescued sheltie from a puppy mill, who came to me in rather bad shape. She has since blossomed into a beautiful furry dog under the TLC of her new home.

This was Tinkerbelle when she first came to me in August. All skin and bones, a skin condition and very bad dental health. She was fearful, lost and unsure of what to do.

This is Tinkerbelle today. Look at the amazing transformation after just 4 months of TLC. The family who adopted Tinkerbelle gave her a second chance in life. From ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.

Since I have become more "mobile" with my new car, I jumped at the chance to visit a dog shelter with Raisa, a fellow dog owner who is an active volunteer for Animal Lovers League (ALL). Pets Villa is the dog shelter founded by ALL that is located at Pasir Ris Farmway. Kinda ironic that this dog shelter is nestled among the puppy farms.

Here are some pictures I took from my first visit yesterday. If you are looking at something worthy to do in 2012, I hope this blog entry will inspire you to help these doggies.

My "Cesar Millan" moment... I opened the gate and entered into a compound full of big dogs. Remember to stay calm when you enter. Remember Cesar's famous words: no talk, no touch, no eye contact. Let the dogs suss you out and only give attention when the dogs are in a calm and submissive state.

I started off my volunteer experience by taking some dogs out for walks. This ain't a walk in the park as most of these dogs have no experience or prior guidance on how to walk on leash. Hence, they tend to pull a lot in the beginning. However, the trick is to be calm and assertive and guide them patiently. The dogs are not being naughty, they are just excited to be going on walks and have no concept of leash walking. (Picture: Heng Heng and Sonia)

The puppies are being kept in their own cages because they are too young to fend for themselves. They can only be let out under supervision.

Other adult dogs also have their own cages for various reasons. Usually when they require medical care or haven't fully been fully integrated with the other dogs on the compound yet.

As I visited during lunch time, I also had the opportunity to participate in the feeding of some dogs. After lunch, most of the doggies are being let out to roam and socialise under supervision.

Pets Villa is a safe haven for abandoned and stray dogs. It is now their home and a place where they belong. A place where they get shelter, water, food and adequate care. Most importantly, safe from abuse and being culled.

How you can help...

* Be a volunteer - if you want to be hands on and you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty.

* Sponsor a dog - can't keep a dog at home? Why not sponsor one and visit it anytime?

* Products or monetary donation - choose to either donate products or money.

I have decided to sponsor a puppy or a young dog. I would like to give a dog a head start in life by training it, making it more adoptable and hopefully find a good family to adopt it.

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