Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trixie+Peanut Online Pet Store

I found out about Trixie+Peanut when I was reading a friend's blog about her shelties... and I spent the last hour shopping online for doggy stuff. Don't we love online shopping? 24/7 and perfect for nocturnal creatures like moi!

Trixie+Peanut is a pet store in New York City that also offers an e-commerce outlet and international shipping. They have a really good variety of cool pet apparel, accessories and toys. What I love about it is the fact that they offer apparel for bigger breeds. All this while, I could never find dog apparel for Butter in Singapore.

The 2 woofy loves of my life ~ Butter (female sable sheltie, 1 yr 6 mth) and Ash (female blue merle, 3 mth)

Here's a peek of what I bought for Butter and Ash. Christmas is round the corner, so why not buy the pooches some doggy gifts?

Butter and Ash are celebs in their own woofy ways... they have a following on Facebook and friends watch the pooches grow up via the photo albums on my Facebook page.

This is so darn cute. I have 2 croco plush toys and now I will have a 'live' one when Butter puts this croco costume on.

This shark hoodie is perfect for Ash, the feisty little pup who loves to lunge at Butter and sink her baby teeth into Butter's luscious coat of fur. "Jaws" shall be Ash's new nickname...

A Santa's hat is a must for the festive season. I got Butter and Ash a Santa's hat each so they can both be Santa Woofies.

Below are the worthy mentions that I know I will be getting in the near future. I refrained myself from shopping crazy this time but I know it won't be long before I click on "buy".

A red hot Furrari for the speed-loving dog

Or a pawtastic Furcedes convertible for the stylish dog

For the fashionista dog, perhaps a Chewy Vuiton bed.

For the posh pooch, you can impress it with Sniffany & Co.

Barkbury for the dog who wants to check emails on the go...

Ipup gadgets for the dog who love apps and Angry Bird

To impress the dog about town, offer it a Chewy Vuiton bag and a bottle of Dog Perignon!

There's also Chewnel No. 5 for the scent-loving dog

For cocktail loving dog, present it with Arfsolut Vodka!

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  1. The oxford cover of pet dog bed is excellent hardwearing, waterproof to avoid wear and tear. Zippered dog beds with removable covers is easy washable also...

  2. Hi Marie

    Stephanie here (for FP Family Cookoff!). Anyway, your dogs look gorgeous. I have always like the look of shelties and a Blue Merle is not very common in Singapore. Likewise, I have 2 dogs - a mongrel and a Japanese Spitz and they are my loves too. Never fail to put a smile across my face.

    1. Hi Stephanie. Sorry for the late reply as I hardly check the comments section. Would make it a point to do so from now on. Hope to get to meet your dogs some day :)