Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gems & Roses At ICON Ball

It was a great night at ICON Ball as usual, where I get to catch up with friends and see lovely ladies dressed in their finest. This year's theme was Gems & Roses and I was really looking forward to seeing how the ladies will express their creativity. 

My top pick for the best dressed has to be the lovely Rany Moran in a gorgeous Prabal Gurung dress. (I will post the pic once I see it online). It is rare for me to rave about a look but what Rany wore would warrant a best dressed on the Oscar red carpet too... and she will have E! Entertainment asked "Who's that girl?".

The Miu Miu ad campaign was my source of inspiration for hair and makeup.

Finding the right rose-themed hair accessories ain't easy. So I decided to create my own. This idea can be adapted for bridal or any party or gala dinner too. 

I chose artificial flowers over fresh ones as the latter would be too fragile and might also look too bridal. I got these from iwannagohome. They have a great selection of artificial roses but they ain't cheap. Each stalk costs $19 but the quality is good.

To give it an edgy feel, I spray painted the roses in metallic silver. One should never be mundane and should experiment with fashion.

This is my intepretation of Gems & Roses as inspired by the Miu Miu campaign. Metallic silver roses and my super bling Chanel brooch.  

I don't wear much jewellery so I relied on this Chanel brooch to give me the much needed bling to suit the theme.

My hairstylist Cindy Phar created an amazing updo for me and accentuated it with 2 stalks of the metallic silver roses.

I decided to venture a different route and not wear a gown. Inspired by Carolina Herrera, I wore my white Thomas Pink shirt and black Banana Republic skirt. I have always been a fashion rebel and will always be.

 This look of Carolina Herrera is imprinted in my head

Time to say goodbye and head home to work on my Canine Studies assignments.

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