Sunday, April 15, 2012

Romeo+Juliet by W!ld Rice

Romeo+Juliet has been brought to life on the silver screen, as well as on stage in theatres all around the world... but tonight, it's been brought to us by W!ld Rice. The staging of Romeo and Juliet signals W!LD RICE’s commitment to re-envisioning the world’s favourite theatre classics for audiences of the here and now. Romeo and Juliet also marks Ivan Heng’s first Shakespeare production. Renowned for his intelligent and inventive interpretations of the classics, this new W!LD RICE production promises to inspire a new generation of theatre audiences with its passion and power.

What better way to celebrate my wedding anniversary than watching the greatest love story? The lovely flowers were given to me by Ivan Heng when I saw him at the foyer after the show. (Thanks Ivan, for sharing the lovely flowers and your best wishes on my wedding anniversary.)

Singapore's got talent! The all-Singaporean cast makes it "uniquely Singapore" but don't expect to hear a word of Singlish. There won't be any "lahs" "mahs" "mehs" and "lors" to make Shakespeare turn in his grave.

On his programming and approach to the play, Director Ivan Heng said, “I was moved by Romeo and Juliet’s universal and timeless appeal. Anyone who has felt as a teenager that the world was conspiring to limit their choices will be able to identify with Romeo and Juliet. In an affluent rigid society ensnared in a cycle of patriarchal pride, hatred and face-saving, the defiance of the young lovers move us with their passion, their courage and hope. In “holding up the mirror to nature”, we are exploring ways to update and contemporise this play that was written some four hundred years ago. But the real challenge for the company will be to make this play resonate with audiences – to stimulate, entertain and make vivid the distinct value of the live theatrical encounter.”

Juliet played by Julie Wee and Romeo played by Hansel Tan

Here are some photos taken at the rehearsals to give you a taste of what to expect at the play. Familiar faces include Neo Swee Lin, Lim Kay Siu, Lim Yu-Beng and Brendon Fernandez.

Neo Swee Lin is one actor I love watching. She makes you laugh but cries with you too. She plays the nurse to Juliet.

Lim Kay Siu plays Capulet

Brendon Fernandez plays Tybalt and the small role of an apothecary

Lim Yu-Beng as Friar Laurence. Another great actor who is highly versatile. I was surprised to learn that he also choreographed the fight scenes! Impressive.

Romeo + Juliet is playing now till 28th April 2012 at Drama Centre Theatre. For more information, please visit

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