Friday, April 27, 2012

Trainstopping - Catch It Soon!

TRAINSTOPPING: The Year in Revue 2011 is the debut production by Sight Lines Productions, as well as the directorial debut by Derrick Chew. With hilarious songs & skits about everything Singapore; from SMRT train delays to the Orchard Road "ponding" floods, it's a light-hearted musical comedy that will make you laugh at the quirks of Singaporeans (in an endearing way).

It is not very often that I attend a play at Chamber@The Art House and I was admiring the beautiful room while waiting for the show to start.

The talented cast comprises Siti Khalijah (Hossan Leong Show, Model Citizens – “Best Actress”, LIFE! Theatre Awards 2011), Darius Tan (Aladdin, Fried Rice Paradise), and Celine Rosa Tan (Forbidden City, The Full Monty).

These three actors can really sing. Seriously, they could have won Singapore Idol. I was pleasantly surprised by their vocal prowess. They could easily get a role in a West End or Broadway production. I am not exaggerating, they are really that good. They can sing, act and engage the audience at the same time. That's a feat!

As much as I love big international musical productions such as The Lion King and Wicked, I also enjoy smaller local productions like this. The art scene in Singapore needs our support so they can one day compete on an international level. So fellow Singaporeans and friends living in Singapore, why not show your support and play a part in nurturing local talents by watching this show?

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