Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hachi, Another Great Number For Dining.

My first dining experience at Hachi (meaning "eight" in Japanese) was so enjoyable that I decided to go back again within a span of four days. Fate had it that I bumped into my ex-classmate, someone whom I have known for more than two decades but had lost touch for many years. It turned out that he is the co-owner of the restaurant. What a coincidence! Long lost friend aside, I bumped into another friend a few seconds after!

At the helm of Hachi is Chef Kishio Watanabe. A Kyushu native, he had lived in the region known for nihon-ryori, a traditional Japanese style cooking using the freshest local organic produce, meats and seafood. Chef Watanabe started his culinary career in Tokyo over 30 years ago, honing his skills and techniques in iconic dining establishments. He moved to Hong Kong in 1995, before settling down in Singapore in 1999, where he opened a small 16-seater restaurant named Hachi at Orchard Plaza. He is credited for being among the first to introduce the "Omakase" dining style in Singapore. Now located at Mohammed Sultan, the restaurant continues to keep its regular customers while attracting new patrons.

Omakase literally means "it's up to you" in the Japanese language, and is the choice of real foodies who desire a gastronomic experience. It is a dining concept where one entrusts the chef to prepare and serve a meal and there is no fixed menu. Using the freshest produce imported from Japan, you could eat at Hachi every week and enjoy a different menu. This was our Omakase menu. Enjoy the food pics!

#1 - Homemade egg tofu

#2 - Lotus root dish

#3 - Oyster

#4 - Sashimi course

#5 - King crab with salad

#6 - Grilled fish

#6 - Fish cheeks with simmered vegetables

#7 - Potato salad for me (as I don't take tomatoes)

#7 - Pasta for my fiance (contains tomatoes in the sauce)

#8 - Wagyu beef steak

#9 - Sushi course

After a very filling 9-course dinner, we still had dessert waiting. For dessert, we opted for a simple mango ice cream. We also had sake during dinner. I have to say the sake here is really smooth and easy to drink, so don't get carried away or you will be carried out. The restaurant also have private dining rooms which are great if you are entertaining or organising gatherings/celebrations.

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