Sunday, June 13, 2010

Simply The Best - Guy Savoy

Everyone, almost everyone who is a foodie, was waiting for the opening of Guy Savoy at Marina Bay Sands. This three-star Michelin restaurant didn't disappoint me when I dined at the Paris restaurant last year, and it sure didn't disappoint me last night either. I have read a few bad reviews about the food and service on some foodie blog sites, but let me assure you that my dining experience last night was simply the top three best meals I had in my life so far.

Our party of three might not be among the first few who dined there (the restaurant opened sometime in end May) but we were definitely the first few guests to be invited into the kitchen to meet Chef Eric Bost, who came from Guy Savoy Las Vegas to helm the restaurant here. Some argued that Chef Bost ain't Guy Savoy... but give this man a chance before you write him off. I think the standard at Guy Savoy is consistent no matter which city you dine in.

Let the gastronomic journey begin... we decided to let the chef prepare a special 5-course menu (excluding the never-ending array of desserts that followed) with the signature dishes. Bon appetit!

We started with Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut and Rosé. Did you know that Guy Savoy uses Zwiesel 1872 glasses?

Amuse Bouche : Zucchini soup with crouton bits... and a little baked mussel unveiled as a "surprise" when you lift up the special cup.

Starter for Laurent : Heirloom tomatoes with summer vegetables and granité.

Starter for Christophe and I : Oysters with oyster jelly on a bed of cream oyster cheese. A unique and daring pairing with oysters and cream cheese... but it worked out very well.

2nd Course : Crispy skin sea bass with shitake mushroom and spices. This is the signature dish. The skin lived up to its name and was crispy and not soggy despite having the sea bass jus drizzled over it. The texture of the fish is like butter... soft and delectable.

3rd Course : Foie gras with radish. This is another signature dish but prepared for us in sharing portions, compliments of Chef Bost. :)

4th Course : Artichoke and black truffle soup, served with layered mushroom brioche and black truffle butter. This is another signature dish that you must have. This is the best artichoke soup I ever tasted and you are to savour this dish by dipping the brioche in it. The mushroom brioche with truffle butter was a killer that Weight Watchers will not approve... but I only live once so... just for tonight I shall sin in the name of calories!

5th Course : Poached guinea fowl with basmati rice. This was one fine bird cooked to juicy and tender perfection. The basmati rice with foie gras bits (yes, I am going to die of a heart attack one day judging from the amount of foie gras I consumed) was really the best I ever had. I know I use the "best" word a lot in this blog entry, but the food so far was simply the best!

Let the desserts begin...we started with something light and bite-size. Innocent so far with raspberries and tea infusion ice cream.

Now, for the best presented birthday cake from a restaurant.... the winner goes to Guy Savoy. Check out the chocolate orbs on this beautiful chocolate sculpture. It ain't my birthday but I was glad I got to enjoy it! We each got served a thin slice of the potently rich chocolate cake.

Now for the main desserts... by this time, I was already lost in dessert heaven.

Laurent was served the coconut shaved ice.

Christophe opted for the grapefruit terrine with tea sauce.

I went for the signature dessert, the chocolate orb with mango! It came as a chocolate sphere and warm mango coulis was poured over it, melting it to reveal the mango bits inside. *Drool*

If you have been to Guy Savoy, you will know that a trolley filled with sweet delights await. As full as we were, we could not resist the sight before us. It was like Christmas came early... seriously, take a look at the yummy sweet treats presented to us. My mind was willing but my tummy was weak (I really couldn't stuff any more food in), so I only took a vanilla macaron and some caramel pudding.

The meal ain't cheap but it's worth every dollar (better spent here than losing it at the casino I say). We are planning to go back in July to celebrate Christophe's birthday, which will coincide with Chef Guy Savoy's visit. I can't wait to meet the man!

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