Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Lock You

While researching for trendy shops in Paris, I chanced upon this nifty device on L'Eclaireur's website. I Lock You is a revolutionary anti-theft device that can also be worn as a piece of jewellery. With a name like "I Lock You", it can actually have a poetic meaning of locking the love of someone. For me, I will wear it as a bracelet and use it as a bag lock when I am dining out.

This is how it works... but I don't seem to quite comprehend it. I will ask the shop assistant to demonstrate instead.

I am so buying all the 4 available styles when I head to Paris in March. It is an ingenious device that is practical and elegant. Quite a steal at 25 Euros... and it will ensure my bag won't be stolen.

Check it out on

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