Sunday, February 13, 2011

Take It With A Pinch of SALT

I had high expectations literally, when I heard I was going to have lunch at Salt grill by Luke Mangan located at the ION Sky, especially after reading the impressive reviews by the Singapore media. Located on levels 55 and 56 and at an impressive 218 metres, ION Sky offers an unrivalled 360-degree view from the highest point on Orchard Road. It houses an observatory, an event space, and the Salt grill.

Everything was good until we were showed to our table. The restaurant was empty except for two tables that were occupied when we arrived at noon. We asked for table by the window and could not have gotten a worst table. This window table at a corner offered no view as it had frosted stickers covering the clear windows. I let it go since we made the reservation last minute.

This breathtaking, picture-perfect view was the main salvation of the restaurant. However, it is not the view from where we sat. We had to walk over to the observatory side to check out the amazing view.

After much finger pointing to the menu items as the waiter didn't seem to know the menu well, we managed to get our orders across to the clueless waiter. Me and my fiance both opted for the pan-fried foie gras with pear puree and brandied cherries and a slice of toasted brioche. For our mains, I went for Wagyu beef tenderloin with Cafe de Paris butter, while he chose NZ long line snapper fillet with roasted tomatoes and capers.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I thought the presentation was blah and not of fine dining standards. The foie gras looked pathetic in comparision and worst of all, it was cold inside. The cherries were alright but I thought they should have their pits removed.

The presentation for the long line snapper didn't fare any better. It was messy but we were glad it tasted good.

This is my S$90 Wagyu tenderloin. Seriously, the presentation looked sad. It was supposed to be served with green beans but I asked them to change it to fries. After much "negotiation", they said ok. I mean, it is only fries we are talking about here, not even truffle fries. For the same quality of meat, I would rather dine at Prime Society at Dempsey or db Bistro at Marina Bay Sands.

If you are wondering why there aren't dessert pics, it is because I don't want to be disappointed further. Would I go back to dine again? Highly unlikely, but I thought maybe I should give it a second chance like how Wong Ah Yoke (food critic at Straits Times) always does. I would definitely recommend this place for drinks and the amazing ambience, but not for the food.

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