Monday, February 21, 2011

Lessons From The Sartorialist (Part 4)

I couldn't resist a quick post on the 5 looks that I saw on The Sartorialist just minutes ago. Inspirations for my wardrobe this week.

Look #1 - Modern Day Red Riding Hood

Ain't this cute with subtle innocent sensuality? Love the touches of red accent.

Look #2 - Menswear Inspired

I am so wearing this look. Time to start wearing my Thomas Pink shirts and ties again.

Look #3 - The Future Is Bright

I love that all the colours in this palette are perfectly in harmony. I need a pink jacket. This will be a great look for me in Paris.

Look #4 - The Heroine's Maxi

Maxi skirt is back again this season. I shall look for a nice one at H&M when I am in Zurich this Thursday.

Look #5 - Leather, Fur & Maxi

Speechlessly amazing look. Love the way the textures blend together. Brown distressed leather, Chanel fur, long black maxi. Fashion genius!

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