Saturday, October 22, 2011

The New Viet Friend

Les Amis Group has recently added am upscale Vietnamese restaurant to its portfolio. Nestled along its Monopoly strip at Shaw Centre, Annam is next door to its Italian sister La Strada. I went to check it out on its first week of opening earlier this month...

Love the cute plastic turtle chopstick rest. I can't resist snapping a pic of small things that bring a smile to my face.

Bright coloured decor, but in a more upscale Viet way.

I like the big arched windows and natural light

The ambience is warm and welcoming. The fact that the staff wear áo dài really gives it an authentic Vietnamese feel.

Yes, I do look at everything. Love the old school charm of the flower motif tiles.

Traditional Vietnamese coffee

Warm grilled salad of beef with watercress, lemongrass,
and soft boiled egg - S$26

Sri Lankan crab rolls with minced pork - S$26

Fried chicken wings with shrimp paste and lemongrass - S$22

Pho Bo, beef noodle soup - S$28

Sauteed beef sirloin with celery - S$38

Coffee creme caramel with crushed ice - S$9

Lotus tea ice cream - S$4

The food was great and the place was packed. Not too bad for a new joint, considering it was the first week of opening. I guess many Les Amis regular customers like me were curious to see how it could work its magic on Vietnamese cuisine. It would have been perfect if not for its slight mispricing of certain items, such as the appetisers... S$22 for 4 small pieces of chicken wings and S$26 for 6 tiny spring rolls.

Go check out this place if you like Vietnamese cuisine. Just be prepared that the bill may be a tad on the high side for Vietnamese comfort food.

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