Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Sari State Of Mind

French luxury goods maker Hermes has just launched a limited edition Indian sari range in a bid to connect to India's culture and to the tradition of elegance of Indian women. The craftsman at Hermes is applying their skills and paying homage to the Indian traditional dress.

The range of 28 saris are created in Paris and made of a variety of fabrics, from cashmere to twill silk, and are priced around 300,000 rupees ($6,120) and 400,000 rupees ($8,158). The thought of visiting India has never crossed my mind till now. Perhaps it is time for me to visit "Incredible India" and pick up a Hermes sari as well.

I got so inspired that I asked a good friend to take me shopping today for a sari. A few of my Indian friends recommended StyleMart on Selegie Road. So off we go to StyleMart in Little India. (More about StyleMart and the basic of saris next week when I drop by to collect my haute couture sari)

Trying on different sari fabrics at StyleMart, in search of my first sari. I know it won't be my last for sure. I am loving saris and the accessories!

I am now tempted to design my own sari-inspired dresses and get them tailored made. I checked out Hermes's ad campaign and Spring/Summer 2008 collection for sartorial inspiration... Here's what I'm planning to have made.

Hermes was inspired by India, as seen in its ad campaign in 2008.

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