Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shabu Shabu GEN!

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese style of hot pot and its name is derived from the "swish swish" sound of cooking the meat in the broth. There are many restaurants in Singapore offering this but my absolute favourite is Shabu Shabu GEN.

Part of the Les Amis group (quality assured when one hears the group's name), it is one of the top shabu shabu (both in quality and price) restaurants in Singapore.

Shabu Shabu GEN is located at Shaw Centre, along the "Les Amis strip".

The interior of the restaurant can be described as stylish Zen.

I would recommend going there for lunch as it's better value for money. Not that it would be cheaper, but you get appetisers and dessert as part of the price during lunch. For dinner, the same price will only get you the beef and the hotpot. We ordered a ribeye set at S$140 each. Below are the pics of we ate today...

A little amuse bouche of lotus root

A simple salad


The shabu shabu moment we have been waiting for... boiling the broth in the copper hot pot! There are 3 types of dipping sauce - Ponzu Shoyu (citrus flavoured soy sauce), Goma (sesame) and Ponzu.

Our grade A4 Wagyu Ribeye. Four precious pieces per lunch set. I could easily devour ten pieces of these! After trying my best to enjoy the beef as slowly as I can, the waitress came over to cook us some vegetables in the flavoured broth, followed by ramen. I have no pics to show as I was so busy pigging out that I forgot to take pics!

Puzzled about the Japanese grading system? Here's a chart to explain... or read more here.

Our happy ending came in the form of watermelon sorbet, red bean jelly and a pudding.

The serving quantity of the beef may be small but we didn't leave hungry. If you love shabu shabu and is one who appreciates top grade Japanese Wagyu beef, this is the place for you.

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