Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Will Hunting

On 30th December 2011, my life changed forever. Since I visited Pets Villa by Animal Lovers League, I ascertained the fact that I want to devote some of my spare time in helping abandoned and less fortunate dogs. In fact, it sparked off an interest for me to pursue an education in dog behaviour and training with the objective of being certified as a dog behavourist.

I took this picture of Will on my first visit. I was really touched by what I witnessed at the shelter and I decided to sponsor Will. Sponsorship is S$130 per month and the money goes towards the general fund pool to help the other animals at the shelter - over 300 dogs and 200 cats.

I made a promise to myself and Will that I will visit him weekly. The success rate of rescued dog being adopted is highly dependent on its personality and obedience. Hence, I decided to spend a few hours each week with Will to teach him how to be calm, how to walk properly on a leash, as well as some basic commands.

Taking Will for his walk and giving him a nice bath is part of my weekly routine. I hope this 5-month old mongrel pup will be able to learn fast, in time for the adoption drive organised by National Geographic channel. I hope someone will be able to adopt him and give him a chance in life.

Will and I will be at the 'National Geographic Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop' adoption drive on 18th and 19th February. Why not come by and say hi if you are free that weekend or help spread the message and rally friends who might be potential adopters.

If you are not able to visit the shelter or join us at the adoption drive, you can still help out in the following ways:

1. Be a member of Animal Lovers League at a one-time fee of S$250. The money raised will go towards finding a new shelter for the animals in 2014.

2. Donate items to the upcoming Flea Market.

3. Sponsor a dog or a cat, and make an animal feel special and loved.

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