Monday, January 9, 2012

B28 Cocktail Hour Starts Tomorrow!

B28, located at the lower ground level of The Club Hotel, No. 28 Ann Siang Road, has been the favourite hangout of whisky, cocktail and jazz aficionados alike since its opening last year. Now, it is set to attract an even wider clientele with its new Cocktail Hour, launching tomorrow, Tuesday 10 January 2012.

From Monday to Friday, 5.30pm to 8.30pm, B28 patrons can enjoy 15 of the bar’s exquisite cocktails at just $15 nett each (The drinks are usually priced from $22 to $26. Yes, no service charge and GST!). Ranging from the classic Tom Collins — which was created by John Collins at Limmer’s Hotel in London during the 19th century, to a modern-day favourite, the Cosmopolitan — popularised by the hit TV show Sex and the City, cocktail connoisseurs can work their way through the menu with a side of complimentary B28 crispy pork sandwiches.


Classic Whisky Sour



Moscow Mule

Mike Soldner, owner of B28, explains: “B28’s new Cocktail Hour stems from my abhorrence to discounts. Happy Hour at most bars is synonymous with ‘two-for-the-price-of-one’ deals, with everyone discounting the value of their product like it wasn't worth the full price to begin with. I think the way to draw patrons is not by discounting your offering, but instead to add value. And while we are cutting prices a little, the main attractions of the B28 Cocktail Hour are the complimentary pork sandwiches and early piano jazz performance.”

Owner Mike Soldner

Created by roast meat specialists Keith and Kin of catering group Roast & Host, the indulgent Cocktail Hour treats are the perfect accompaniments to your favourite cocktails. The to-die-for crispy pork sandwiches made its debut during B28's media launch and had all the journalists raving about them... and I stuffed my face with them. Forget Morton's steak sandwiches, this is da bomb!

“The Crackling Roast Pork is the perfection of a divine recipe, which starts with the freshest piece of pork, each piece carefully selected and roasted lovingly,” says Roast & Host founder Keith Lee. The end result is uniquely tender, moist and naturally flavourful meat that is followed by an explosion of the crispiest crackling, which elicits ear-to-ear smiles from the fortunate diner.

Besides the delectable cocktails and complimentary pork sandwiches to tempt patrons to B28’s Cocktail Hour every weekday, the bar will also play host to live piano jazz performances by Wei Xiang. Based in New York City, Wei Xiang is one of the most exciting pianists to emerge from the Asian jazz scene. A latecomer into jazz, this trained lawyer has made quite an impact in his relatively short career: playing in New York for the past four years, in legendary clubs - Blue Note, 55 Bar, Smalls, with legendary musicians Joe Lovano, Brian Lynch and Ari Hoenig. His debut album, Weitaminute! is currently under post production.

For more information, please visit or follow B28 on Facebook for updates.

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