Sunday, September 30, 2012

PFF Report - Ae'lkemi

It was instant fashion chemistry when I met Alvin Fernandez a day before his big show at PFF. Over a chat at his boutique at Claremont Quarter, we found out we have lots in common. Not only are we both from Singapore, we are both trained as fashion designers and are perfectionist Virgos. Even our company names are similar - my PR agency is called Alchemy (inspired by Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist) and his label Ae'lkemi! Heck, what's scary is I also found out that we both grew up in the same neighborhood in Singapore!

I fell in love with this dress that was meant for his fashion show the next day. I paid for the dress in full immediately and literally bought it off the runway. I could spot a star designer and a star dress when I see one. *wink*

 The same dress on the runway at PFF

The same dress on me at PFF's 'An Evening With Flannel' event. What's amazing about this dress is the sportswear-like construction in stretch fabric but covered in sequins. It feels light in weight and doesn't even have a zip!

The star power of the dress. Definitely worth wearing to any red carpet event. It looked like liquid silver on me. A match made in fashion heaven.

Here are some of my top picks from Ae'lkemi's Spring/Summer 12/13 collection. (Remember the fashion seasons in Australia are opposite from the international ones). Mixing old world opulence with visually seductive surfaces and textures, this collection is "an exotic, colourful reflection of the 1970s Morocco", according to Alvin.

I bought this dress too!

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