Thursday, September 20, 2012

PFF Report - one fell swoop

19 September 2012 - The VIP opening night at Perth Fashion Festival (PFF) opened with a big bang with an amazing show by one fell swoop. Combining film, music and fashion, the label has set the bar pretty high with such a strong opening show. 

Designer duo Daniel Romanin and Nikolina Ergic, who won the 'Most Innovative Design' award last year at PFF do not believe in finding different inspirations for each collection, but instead strip back garments to their original aesthetic, to the beginning of design, drawing from a range of cultures to create garments that fall effortlessly around the female figure.

One fell swoop has emerged as one of Australia’s most respected and homegrown designers for their avant-garde and modern creations that fall effortlessly around the female figure. Take a look at their Spring Summer 12/13 Collection, themed 'An Illusive Tribe'.

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