Monday, April 18, 2011


I have recently started my Zuny collection. Bought a white hippo and a brown deer. Am planning to get more to add to my Zuny zoo. So what's Zuny? It is a range of handmade leather animal figurines that can be used as bookends, doorstops, paper weights, or simply as adorable decor.

Zuny is started by Comprising Stephen Chen, Amy Chang, Darren Liao, Print Wu, it is a design team based in Taiwan that specializes in product design.

Zuny products are categorized into Zuny Classic, Zuny and Zuny Cicci series. There's not much difference between Zuny Classic and Zuny, except the latter comes in limited quantity of 9,999 units, and every Zuny animal has its own name with individual ID tag. Cicci means "chubby objects" in Italian and the design style of Cicci is round, chubby and cute.

Bookend (1kg in weight)

Paperweight (0.25kg in weight)

Doorstop (2kg in weight)

Memo clip



I'm planning to add a white lion, bull and polar bear to my Zuny zoo.

For more info and view the entire collection, please visit

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