Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paris Report: Le Georges @ Centre Georges Pompidou

Le Georges in Paris is not new, yet it is still a favourite amongst Parisians. Well, even Karl Lagerfeld launched the Diet Coke he designed at Le Georges in April last year. If it is good enough for Kaiser Karl, it is definitely good for me.

During my recent trip to Paris, I met up with two friends who took Laurent and I to Le Georges for a nice dinner. It was such a "pretentious" place that I thought I should act cool and not take pics of the food. Hence, I have no food pics to show this time. However, I thought I should still share my experience with you, so you can visit it the next time you are in Paris.

For those "old" enough to have watched the 2003 Hollywood flick 'Le Divorce' starring Kate Hudson and Naomi Watt, you probably caught a glimpse of this restaurant with its amazing decor and view.

Kate Hudson's character Isabel met the older Frenchman Edgar for lunch at Le Georges. It is definitely a restaurant to impress whoever you want to impress.

The Centre Georges Pompidou is France's national modern art museum. It has been a hip place since 2000, when Le Geroges opened on the top floor.

To access the restaurant's private entrance, you could either take the elevator or the escalators. I would suggest to take the escalators (the long tubular structure at the facade) so you could have a good view on the way up.

The restaurant is stunning and I whispered a soft "wow" when I walked in. I think it is a good place for both day and night.

If you are visiting Le Georges, my tip for you is to dress in your most fashionable and trendy outfit. The wait staff here look like models (and probably are or were some point in their life) and I read some online reviews that some guests found them snooty. Well, I wore my Dolce&Gabbana wool dress, a black coat with my Chanel brooch and my YSL pumps. Guess my outfit got the seal of approval from the door bitch and I had excellent service. We do live in a superficial world, so I just play by the rules. :)

I can imagine how nice it would be to sit at the terrace... day or night. I need to be back there soon!

Simple, stark, stunning. I like the clean white tables and chairs, with single long-stem roses in vases on each table.

After some research, I discovered that this trendy restaurant is owned by Gilbert and Jean-Louis Costes, the brothers who are behind the famous Hotel Costes. Ah, now I know why Le Georges has the staying power of being a hip venue even after a decade.

Dominique Jakob and Brendan McFarlane are the designers behind this contemporary restaurant. With the huge aluminium sculptures, Le Georges was futuristic looking then, and it is still now. This is a true mark of good design. As for the food, the cuisine is classic French and fusion, with heavy Asian accents. I went with low expectations of the food, thinking that it is a "pretentious" resto, but I was surprised by how delicious the food was.

I strongly recommend a visit to Le Georges when you are in Paris. My only regret was not having enough time to visit the museum. I plan to hang out at the museum for a day and have lunch at Le Georges the next time I am back in Paris.

For more info, please visit www.centrepompidou.fr

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