Thursday, April 21, 2011

A New Place to Graze

When I wrote about Kha a week ago, I promised that I will write about Graze, its sister restaurant at Martin No. 38. I have been there 6 times in a fortnight. Why? I love the clean and tasteful decor, the dog-friendly al fresco area, and the all day dining concept (different menus for weekend brunch, lunch and dinner). It is definitely one of my favourite spots to graze now...

I love the bright and spacious interior. A perfect place to eat and catch up on my reading.

Its interiors are designed by award-winning, Melbourne-based studio Hecker Guthrie, who also designed the adjourning restaurant Kha.

The private dining room is simply spectacular. It makes me want to host a private luncheon or dinner there soon.

Love the rows of plates on display on the wall shelves.

Going solo or simply want to be alone? Find yourself a nice corner to chill.

Saffron butternut & cilantro soup, served with herb garlic toast
*Not what I expected but the cilantro gives a nice twist to the usual butternut soup.

Heirloon tomato & chorizo salad, with sauteed onions.
*Am usually not a fan of sausages but I love this... and the sauteed onions made it perfect!

Seared calamari & chipolata, rocket, balsamic and lemon.
*One of my favourites!

Rigatoni, sage & minced beef, sprinkled with aged parmesan.
*Another of my favourites. Comfort food. Love it when restos get the simple things right!

Steak sandwich, overeasy free-range egg, tomato onion jam, thick chips

Wagyu burger served with thick chips
*Worth a try when you are craving for a burger fix

Eggs Benedict - Brunch Menu
*A true test of a resto's standards is the how well they can prepare the eggs. Graze passed my "runny egg" test when it comes to eggs ben!

Spanish Omelette - Brunch Menu

There is also a fuss-free retail corner named "Provisions" should you wish to pick up some supplies to stock up your kitchen.

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