Friday, January 7, 2011

The Future Is Neon

If there is one key accessory that you should have in your Spring 2011 wardrobe, it will be something neon and bright. The future is neon bright at Burberry Prorsum, as seen through the eyes of Christopher Bailey. Yesterday, I wore a simple white tank with a black leather jacket and black jeggings... and decided to go along an acid punk gothic theme by wearing my neon pink Lanvin for H&M necklace. I thought it was experimental to clash neon with leather, but I guess it did work as I receive a couple of compliments... and looking at these runway pics of Burberry Prorsum assured me that I am not off the fashion tangent.

I shall go scour the high street stores and stock up on neon accessories before everyone does. If I am lucky, I will also find something cool in coloured leopard prints or a nice metallic jacket. Hmm, maybe I should just go to the local craft store and get some materials to make my own accessories instead.

Here are some looks I love and find inspiring...

Add a dash of neon to break up the muted shades...

Yes, you can clash bright and bright, if you do it right.

This ain't bright but I love the textured leather look. Genius!

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