Sunday, January 2, 2011

True Blood Fashion

I ushered in the new year with a new addiction... True Blood. As much as I was fascinated with Count Dracula when I was a child (secretly hoping that he will suck my blood and make me a vamp), I was never tempted to start a bloody addiction to those vampires tv series. However, the moment I started watching an episode of True Blood, I was hooked. I finished a season in 2 days and ended up living the vampire hours... only going to bed at dawn.

It's not just the twisted plots and perverse romanticism that got me hooked (ok, I confess the actors are hot) but the glamorous fashion sense of the vampires. The one thing I have in common with those vampires is my love for edgy fashion, especially that of Pamela Love talon necklace.

True Blood has the best looking male cast for sure!

As for the fashion, it's in a league of its own. Perhaps the fact that vampires have lived through many decades of fashion.

So here are my picks from Net-A-Porter this week, with True Blood as my inspiration.

Vampire Eric Northman and his Pamela Love talon necklace. The irony is that vampires are supposed to be afriad of silver, so what the hell is he wearing a sterling silver necklace?

I got one last year and it's still available on Net-A-Porter.

Also bought this Pamela Love sterling silver arrowhead necklace. Still available on Net-A-Porter.

Am loving this Pamela Dagger sterling silver earrings. Maybe I should get them.

Pamela Love heart oxidized sterling silver locket necklace. I like this very much but not the hollow back.

There's also Pamela Love crow skull bronze necklace but I ended up buying the one below from Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen brass bird skull necklace

Alexander McQueen brass bird skull ring

A modern day vampire needs a cape and no one else does it better than Alexander McQueen!

A leather jacket by Rick Owens plays the part well too!

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