Saturday, January 8, 2011

Investing In Digital Prints By Peter Pilotto

Two years ago, Peter Pilotto burst onto the fashion runway like fireworks with their amazing digital prints. To top it off, they also have great skills in creating wonderful drapery. The rise of this label has been phenomenal, and designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos have built a strong following.

However, for Spring 2011, I feel that the magic did not flow through the entire collection. I understand that a good designer will always try to break away from a signature style and push boundaries, but steering away too much is not a good thing if that's what consumers are looking for.

I applaud Peter Pilotto for showing their draping skills on blank canvases... but something is missing when the signature prints ain't present.

I would only buy a printed outfit from Peter Pilotto as that's my way of investing in art, wearable art. These are the three looks I am keen to try. Can't wait for them to be available on Net-A-Porter!

To see the full collection, please visit

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