Friday, January 14, 2011

Lessons From The Sartorialist (Part 3) - Hello 2011

Checking The Sartorialist's website is like being in a vintage shop for me. I love that I will find inspiring things, as sometimes what I like are not necessarily new. The looks that I am sharing with you below are not the latest looks from the runway, but are some looks that I like from what people are wearing around the world... seen through the eyes of The Sartorialist.

If, like me, you can look at a picture and get inspired... then let the inspirations begin.

Makes me want to buy a floral printed skirt. I can't remember the last time I owned one.

I wish I could look this chic while using my Birkin. Perhaps I need to wear my stilettos and cycle around town.

I have the perfect shoes (one pair from Steve Madden, the other from Peddar Red) to create this look... but I wish I have the legs though.

Is he cute or what?

This pic makes me want to wear berms with a nice jacket and scarf.

Maybe I should buy a red jacket...

Hmm... but wearing a red belt suits me better.

Love this military-inspired look with killer heels.

I miss wearing my boots with jeans tucked in.

I love everything about this look, particularly the pleated skirt.

I have been longing for pair of brogues but never did end up buying as I don't think I could look good wearing them. Maybe I should try...

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  1. Love this :)

    Clearly, you and I have the same taste in chic photos and dangerously high heels!

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  3. Love your lovely paper products. What's your price range? I wanna blog about it Emily! :)