Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yuki Mitsuyasu - The Bright Star in Jewellery Design

I was shopping at the Mandarin Gallery's 1st anniversary event when I chanced upon Yuki Mitsuyasu's jewellery at Inhabit. I now add her to my list of favourite jewellery designers after Pamela Love.

Yuki Mitsuyasu graduated from Central Saint Martins BA(Hons) Jewellery Design in 2005.,after which she continues to design and produce innovative and award winning jewellery in her home studio in London. Yuki's design philosophy is for her jewellery to look beautiful from every angle. Hence, sculptural and architecture elements are part of her distinctive style.

I would say Yuki's jewellery are works of art, as she has developed several unique clasp systems that are like puzzles to be solved. The interactive aspect of the puzzle-style clasp system engages the wearer to fully understand her designs. Personally, I like her edgy designs that are somehow masculine, yet feminine enough. Perhaps the word I am looking for is "balance".

Below are the items that I like.

SHINE Collection

This is my favourite collection. I bought a star bracelet that is very "True Blood" fashion, something which I think the vampires would like to wear (well, just not in sterling silver). You need to be taught how to fasten the magnetic clasp, as it won't be easy without prior instructions on how to wear it.

BONDING Collection

I love this versatile pair of earrings that can be worn in three different ways. They can be worn as odd pair or identical pair.

BOW Collection

To find out more about Yuki's designs, please visit or check out the collections at Inhabit at Mandarin Gallery Singapore.

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