Friday, May 27, 2011

Gaga Over Celine's Cabas

When I told a friend over dinner last night that I bought a Celine Cabas bag, her reply to me was, "You said you will not buy another bag this year after buying 3 Chanel bags in Paris 2 months ago". My response and disclaimer were, "I said I would not buy another Chanel bag, but I didn't say I won't buy another bag". Oh well, you can't blame a girl for having roving eyes when it comes to bags and shoes.

My new Celine Bi-Cabas Smooth Lambskin bag in blue and grey

Once in a while, a bag gets immortilised as a signature house style. When I think of Celine, I think of its Cabas. A rather smart design as it is timeless, classic, and comes in a variation of solid colours, colour combos and materials. It is like a Hermes Birkin obsession... once you start, you don't stop at one. Perhaps the only difference is that a Celine Cabas is more affordable compared to a Hermes.

Lots of style to choose from, with different offerings every season.

What I love about the bag is that it's light and packs flat (good for travel). A good size to hold work documents and gym gear.

Some of the other variations that I have set my sights on...

Cabas Croco Black - major lust!

Bi-Cabas Python White&Black - I want this bad!

I am having yellow fever. I want this Yellow Cabas now!

Tres chic with a pop of vibrant yellow.

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