Saturday, May 14, 2011

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Singapore (II)

It is really impossible to fault L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, my favourite restaurant group. One would have thought that the opening week of any restaurant will usually show some teething problems, but my first visit to L'Atelier on the 2nd day of its operation was amazing. Sure, one can argue that Robuchon was in town and kept everyone on their toes. Yesterday, I was craving for the burger and decided to visit it again in less than 3 weeks... and I had an immaculate meal.

I did order some dishes that I have tried on my first visit so I shan't repeat them here. Below are some dishes that we tried last night that I didn't try on my first visit. Feast your eyes out...

Le Boeuf - S$31
French-style hangar steak with fried shallots
* This was love at first taste. It has officially become my favourite dish from L'Atelier. I can't wait to go back in 2 weeks' time to eat this. Must try!!!!!

Le Crabe - S$37
King crab on thin layers of turnip with sweet and sour sauce

Close-up shot of Le Crabe. The different delicate flavours came together to give a gastro-orgasmic burst of taste in the mouth.

L'Avocat - S$17
Spicy vegetable fondant topped with a delicate avocado cream
* This is a good vegetarian option. It looks unexciting but the taste was amazing. Full of flavours to even please any meat-eaters.

Le Chou-Fleur - S$29
Slow cooked egg in veloute of cauliflower topped with a crispy buckwheat galette
* I hate cauliflowers and I was amazed that I ended up loving this dish. Perhaps the smooth and "creamy" texture of the cauliflower veloute and the onsen-style egg masked the strong cauliflower taste that I usually detest.

Le Mangue - S$23
Mango with exotic fruit and coconut sorbet
* A lovely and "light" fruity dessert. Exotic fruit actually refers to passion fruit and pineapple bits found underneath the mango puree. A refreshing dessert to end the dinner on a light note.

Les Tartes - S$23
Traditional assorted tarts
*This is a good dessert to have if you need something substantial and seeks variety. From left to right: sea-salt caramel, raspberry, cinnamon, lemon and chocolate.

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