Monday, May 30, 2011

Sneak Preview : H&M Fall/Winter 2011

My recent visit to the H&M showroom was such a tease. I wanted everything but can't have any. So I left feeling high and dry, lusting for these fashion looks. Here are my top ten looks from H&M Fall/Winter 2011. I can't wait!

This is the mother of all jumpsuits. Sleek like a Gucci, with slits high up to there. I think this is the most beautiful and glamorous jumpsuit I have ever seen. Red carpet worthy!

This is so Tom Ford. Love the elegant drape of this top.

This dress is so Carven, so Parisian-chic! What you can't see is the sexy low back. The padded skirt will be all the rage this Fall. Mark my words.

Forget harem pants. This is the sleek grown-up version.

The print of the season. Colourful paisley prints inspired by 70s Carnaby Street. Think Biba. Think Liberty. I love the touch of red leather gloves.

The silhouette that we will all be embracing this Fall. Beautiful silk blouse with tailored trousers.

The sleek leather jacket that gives Loewe a run for its money. Love the pairing of deep wine red with ash grey. A good departure from the usual black and grey palette for Fall/Winter.

The perfect shade of red and floral come Fall.

Love this green palette for Fall.

Black will always be in trend. The way to wear black is structured tailoring.

Just can't get enough? Watch the video on

All pictures courtesy of H&M Singapore

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